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How to Ask for a Raise and Get It!

Asking for a raise is nerve-racking. To do it right, you must be your own lawyer and prove to your boss that you deserve the extra money because you add value to the company.

DON'T walk into your boss' office and say "I think I deserve a raise." Don't assume your boss remembers all the ways in which you've gone above and beyond to do your job well.

DO prepare your evidence. Make a list of three specific ways in which you have added to the value of the company. Share this "evidence" with your boss. For example, you might remind your boss that you led a successful marketing campaign, that you chaired a networking event that brought in new clients, or that you prepared an inter-departmental newsletter.

There are 3 ways your boss will respond to your request for a raise:

Response #1. "Yes." Now don't leave the room until you and your boss have discussed the specific terms of the raise, or you've set up a concrete time to finalize the details.

Response #2. "I'll think about it." It's not quite what you want to hear, but you've still got a shot at getting what you want. Say, "Good. When can we have a follow-up discussion? How about next Tuesday morning?" By taking control of the timing of the follow-up conversation, you won't have to stress out wondering whether or not your boss is going to get back to you.

Response #3. "No." It could be no for a variety of reasons, but whatever they are, don't lower your head and walk out like a loser. Stand up straight and confidently take the conversation to the next level. Say to your boss, "I really enjoy working at this company and my plan is to continue working here. I'd like to have a better understanding of what it will take for me to earn a raise. What are your suggestions?" Then, listen and take notes. Next time you ask for a raise, pull out your notes and say, "this is what you said it would take to earn a raise. Here's how I met your expectations..."

Remember, it is always up to you to prove your case with "evidence" to persuade your boss that you deserve a raise. Good luck and please e-mail me when you succeed! For more persuasive do's and don'ts delivered right to your inbox, subscribe to the free Club e-newsletter below.

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