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Whether the prize you want is career advancement, financial rewards, increased sales and profits, customer loyalty, enhanced leadership skills or recognition from others, this no-fail program will make it happen for you!

In this 60-minute program, based on the Instant Persuasion™ Method, you will discover the hidden opportunities you have every day to get what you want by persuading your customers, clients, colleagues, superiors and employees to like, listen to, respect and cooperate with you.

Learn to:

  • Activate your Power of Persuasion to win people over
  • Avoid the 10 worst Communication Blunders that damage your relationships
  • Employ the 10 smartest Communication Wonders to build lasting relationships
  • Develop leadership skills to cultivate a top-notch support system
  • Gain confidence in your ability to manage and motivate people
  • Expand your sphere of influence to succeed where others fail!

NOTE: This is a 60-minute CD program. It is a unique product published by Laurie Puhn Communications. It is NOT the same as the book "Instant Persuasion: How to Change Your Words to Change Your Life."

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How to Change Your Words to Change Your Life"
by Laurie Puhn, JD

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