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In Bookstores October 12, 2010

Fight Less, Love More:
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Are You a Bad Boss?
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FACT:  The #1 reason people quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor. 


FACT: At any given time, over 50% of the working population is thinking about leaving their job.   Those who decide to stay cite an excellent relationship with their boss and the enjoyment of their work as their reasons to stay. 


CONLUSION:  Bosses who appreciate and value their Assistant’s efforts on a daily basis maintain a lower employee turnover rate and a higher productivity rate than the bosses who don’t.  Why?  Because employees who are appreciated and valued for their work respond by valuing and appreciating their bosses. The result is employees: 1) stay at their job longer, and 2) work harder because of the recognition they receive from their boss.


Take the Boss Evaluation Quiz.   Are You a Bad Boss?  


1)                  Do you give positive feedback to your Assistant on a daily basis?


2)                  Do you ask your Assistant for his/her opinions and suggestions?


3)                  Do you clearly define job duties and deadlines so your Assistant knows how he/she fits into the scheme of things?


4)                  Do you find opportunities to praise your Assistant in public?


5)                  When something goes wrong, do you give your Assistant time to explain what happened before you rush to judgment?


 If you answered “Yes” to all 5 questionsYou are an “excellent boss” who is a wonderful role model for your company. You recognize the importance of positive interpersonal relationships in the workplace environment and how those relationships connect to the overall success of your company.

If you answered “Yes” to 3 or 4 questions - You are a “satisfactory boss” who should consider making some changes if you want to raise the motivational level of your employees, achieve professional success, and retain your current assistants. 


If you answered “Yes” to 0 or 2 questionsYou are a “bad boss” who is alienating your assistants, reducing productivity and promoting employee turnover.  You should get help in the area of interpersonal communication skills…immediately!

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