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Dating Deal Breakers & Makers: 5 Do's and Don'ts

Have you ever been on a date with someone and mistakenly thought you both had a great time?  You were expecting a second date... but it didn't happen.  You wondered "What did I do wrong?"  You wanted to ask this person what happened, but then you thought better of it.  Well, now I'll give you the straight-talk answers you're looking for… 

 1.         Don’t Turn Your Date Into a Therapy Session

Leave your skeletons in the closet and your ex’s in the past.  Even if you think you’re being open and honest, don’t talk about your dysfunctional family, your trust issues, your bad break-up or anything you’d tell a therapist, until you’ve been on at least 3 dates.

In the beginning, do talk about your hobbies and interests.

 2.      Don’t Display Verbal Diarrhea.

It takes two to tango.  Don’t be a “I” person who starts every sentence with “I” – I went here, I went there, I went up, I went down, I went in, I went out…

Forget the monologue and do have a dialogue.  Ask your date questions and listen to the answers.

 3.      Don’t be a Techno-Pest.

Leave the technology in your pocket.  Using your phone or texting during a date sends the instant message to the person sitting beside you – “You are not my priority.  I don’t care about you.”  

Do be respectful and put your phone on silent before the date.

4.         Don’t be a Whiner.

We all have problems, we don’t need anymore.  Don’t complain about your boss from hell, your horrible neighbor, your teeth pain or how hard it is to make ends meet.  

Do talk positively about the things that make you happy.

 5.         Don’t Forget the Little Things.

Don’t be late.
Don’t be early.
Do reconfirm your date in advance.
Do be polite to the waiters and busboys.
Do dress well.
Don’t forget to thank your date.
Do reinforce your date’s polite behavior by saying “Thank you for calling to confirm the date in advance” or “Thank you for asking me what type of food I’d like before you picked the restaurant.”

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