Laurie's Photo Album

Fight Less, Love More
5-Minute Conversations
to Change Your Relationship
without Blowing Up or Giving In
Photo Album

Laurie with Dr. Harville Hendrix, author of
Getting the Love You Want.

Laurie with Gary Chapman, author of
The Five Love Languages.

Laurie with Whoopi and Josh Grobin.

Awards Night
Laurie with Meredith Vieira, Suze Orman and Jim Cramer at the Books for a Better Life awards ceremony in NYC

Laurie with John Gray, Ph.D.

Laurie, about to Keynote at the National Pediatric
MS Center Summer Soiree.

Laurie with Whoopi and Cubby.


Laurie returns to "Weekend Today in NY" for another live appearance with co-anchors David Ushery & Carolyn Gussoff


Laurie Puhn with "i on New York" guest
Congressman Charles B. Rangel

Laurie with Fox News Live host E.D. Hill following one of Laurie's appearances


Laurie with Beth Ostrosky Stern.


Laurie offers commentary on
Fox News Channel as a member of their all-star panel


Laurie with Fox News Live host E.D. Hill during
one of Laurie's regular Fox News appearances


Laurie with "i on NY" guests Martha Byrne from As the World Turns and Frank Grillo from Prison Break, who are advocates for Love Our Children USA


Laurie & Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz


Laurie and Donny Deutsch, Host of CNBC's The Big Idea
with Donny Deutsch


Laurie with "i on NY" guest Randal Pinkett,
winner of Donald Trump's The Apprentice.


Catherine Crier of Court TV's Catherine Crier Live and Laurie at the Executive Women International Annual Leadership Conference where they were both speakers


Laurie with her friend Bob Morris, a New York
columnist for the Sunday Styles section.
Bob wrote and stars in the highly-acclaimed
NYC off-Broadway show "Assisted Loving"

Laurie and NBC West Palm Beach Co-Anchor Chandra Bill in the NBC Newsroom


Carolyn Gussoff, co-anchor of "Weekend Today
in New York" with Laurie on the set following
Laurie's live television appearance


Laurie with Rabbi Marc Gellman and Father Tom Hartman, "The God Squad" TV co-hosts, after filming the show.

Laurie interviews Commissioner Bill Bratton
and Zach Tumin, authors of "Collaborate or Perish!"
at the Word for Word event in Bryant Park, New York City.







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